Rental Application

Thank you for interest in renting from Silvernail Realty!

Please apply online at:

Screening Policy:

Age of applicants. Each applicant age 18 or over must complete an application. Children under age 18 must be listed on the application.

Application. The application must be completed accurately. Providing false information or failing to provide correct previous addresses will be grounds for denial.

Application fee- $30.00

Rental history: Housing references must be verifiable. Rental history including evictions, disturbances, unauthorized pets, property damage, or money owed to past landlords/ judgements could be considered for denial.

Criminal background. No occupant can have a felony conviction. Certain misdemeanor convictions also could be grounds for denial.

Pet policy. No pets allowed unless you have paperwork to support an emotional support or service animal.

Fair Housing Act. Silvernail Realty's Rental Property Management adheres to the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status and national origin. Silvernail Realty is an equal opportunity housing provider.

Questions? Please contact Silvernail Realty at 231-796-6329 .
Katy VanCuren
Katy VanCuren
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